Filed in Testimonials on May 20, 2014

male3I am HIV+ and I take a great many medications. In my quest to deal with some of the side effects I was experiencing I happened upon Morwenna… and may I say that she is a treasure.

I never feel rushed when I see Morwenna. She goes beyond just answering my questions. Using standard “western” blood work in conjunction with well honed diagnostic technique, she reviews the exact snapshot of my current health and works with me until I understand precisely what is going on in my body. Morwenna’s science background is evidenced at each of our appointments. She understands the meds that I take. She understands how they break down in my body and she understands how to mitigate their ill effects while strengthening my body and my immune system with plant medicine.

Morwenna is integral to helping me to keep my health. I have never felt better than I do right now.

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