Principles for Cancer Treatment – Case Study

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Causes of lung cancer


Understanding the origin in your Patient.
Lifestyle – Diet, lack of exercise, nicotine, alcohol, Bacteria and viruses or Genetic or Idiopathic or Iatrogenic + chronic inflammation
Lung cancer – 90% is caused by nicotine

Case Study origin: Benzene identified through the case history;
Patient also presented with temporal arteritis (chronic inflammation)
The patient chose not to have chemo or radiation prior and post surgery.
I outlined to him the pros and cons of both together with my option.
The patient must be mentally comfortable with his choice.



Outcome report

Starting to wean off meds.
Patient has had no evidence of carcinoma since his lobectomy 2013
It is now 4 years since original diagnosis.
Patient is monitored every 6 months by imaging (conventional oncologist) and bloodwork (by me!)
Patient is reviewed by me every 2 months.
Starting to wean off meds.


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