The tinctures and remedies used by a Medical Herbalist are plant medicines.  They are of a calibre and concentration that can only be sold by a licensed Herbalist.  Over the counter herbs are often no more than expensive food.  Your Herbalist may give you some plant medicine with detailed instructions on how to take it along with the treatment plan.The medicine and its dosage will be specific to you and your condition. Herbal medicine will be chosen to avoid any interaction with current orthodox drugs you may be taking. A supplement program may be suggested together with lifestyle advice.

The medicine may come in the form of a tea, tincture, cream, powder or capsule.

It is not always possible to give an idea of the length of time it may take to resolve a problem as it depends on the condition and the patient. Normally after the first consultation a follow up is diarized for 4 weeks later.

Are They Safe?

Plant medicine under the administration of a professionally trained herbalist has been shown to be safe and unlikely to have unwanted side effects.

Medicinal plants have been shown in tests and trials to be highly effective and in some cases better than pharmaceutical drugs.
Herbal medicine is derived from the berries, leaves, stems, roots of plants to maintain a synergy of natural chemical compounds.

The plant products are prepared under licensed professional and legislative regulations to the highest standards in Australia, Europe, USA and Canada. They are only available to registered herbalists

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