Multiple Schlorsis

We live in age of chronic autoimmune disease. Conventional medicine is at its best when treating acute conditions. Many chronic diseases arise from faulty diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, nicotine and stress. They are a result of our modern lifestyle.

In the 1980’s a Medical Herbalist and Chemistry Professor Kerry Bone posited that most of our chronic autoimmune disease arose in the gut. Current research arising from the Planck Institute in Germany, seems to be confirming this hypothesis. What we eat is fundamental to understanding the causes of chronic autoimmune disease when the principal causes are bacteria and viruses.

Why do some people have the susceptibility to develop MS?

  • Poor Gut health
  • Poor immune function
  • Reflected in the pattern of epidemiology – low vitamin D, high grain/sugar diets, poor thyroid function etc

In her 2011 landmark study, Kerstin Berer provided a giant leap for mankind. She and her team showed how bacteria in the gut over time alter and create antigens which infect the gut and move into the myelinating sheath and travel to the brain. The team also replicated this effect in mice providing the first scientific clues that gut health is instrumental in human health for chronic disease.

This, in part, explains why plant medicine is so effective at inhibiting progression as many work in and through the our digestive tract. Plant drug medicine has multi level properties – drugs do not. Plants can mimic how bacteria and viruses behave. As long ago as 1952 a Dutch scientist compared plant viruses to MS, giving a first suggestion that perhaps the illness is viral in nature. Plants develop secondary defensive metabolites to those bacteria and diseases.

Plants have had millions of years to develop their immune systems.  We have had about 10,000 years as omnivores The plant immune system through secondary metabolites strengthens and modifies our immune capabilities.  In other words, our own immunity can be built up using the proper foods and spices.

It is fast becoming apparent that dietary deficiencies  in combination with viruses and bacteria  create most chronic autoimmune diseases including Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and Arthritis.  A trained Medical Herbalist may, therefore, be able to do more than your physician in help you prevent the disease, slow it’s progress or mitigate its symptoms.

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