Diabetes type 2 is the second major cause of death in North America.  100 years ago this disease did not feature in the top 20 causes of death.  When Banting and colleagues discovered insulin was the controlling hormone for the process of gluconeogenesis in the body;  the world thought that this disease of sugar metabolism was solved.    How ironic is it that a disease we thought cured is now the second cause of mortality.?  Even worse, diabetes type 2 is self-inflicted in many many cases through poor diet and lack of exercise but it is reversible. For those who are not familiar with the 2 forms of diabetes it may be described as insulin dependent (type 1 usually of viral/genetic origin) and insulin independent (type 2).

As a Medical Herbalist, many patients present with insulin resistance or have been diagnosed as diabetic, I show them how to reverse it. The conventional system is not interested in reversing diabetes and neither is Diabetes Canada – Toronto Chapter – as they told me to my face. Yet this disease leads to cancer and other diseases. A diabetic death is a long slow painful process with increasing debility, lack of mobility, incontinence and mental collapse.  As human beings should we not try to at least give patients a pain free old age and death?   Prevention should be the name of the game freeing up monies in the health system for those conditions which are irreversible.

Diabetes type 2 does not happen overnight.  It reflects a long accumulation of inappropriate eating habits and lack of exercise. In North American consumption of sugar has exploded over the last 100 years (paralleling the progress of the diabetes as a listed cause of mortality). 100 years of mechanization, synthetic fertilization of the grain fields increasing yields; followed by genetically modified grains and corn syrup used in processed foods which dominate the diet of the most Canadians.  Fructose consumption the main sugar molecule in corn syrup has grown over 100% since 1970. Processed foods are high in sugar and salt but above all sugar. Consumption of sugar, in the form of glucose becomes addictive as high levels alter brain receptors and taste buds corrupted. I would argue it is the cause of more disease than nicotine and social drugs combined.  The body is not designed to consume these types of sugar at high levels.   Would you put diesel in your car when it takes unleaded?   That is what diabetes type 2 is all about.

So if Prevention is the name of the game what can you do?   Firstly, if you have been prescribed Metformin, take B12 with it, as Metformin inhibits the absorption by the body of B12. Without B12 various metabolic processes become deficient which makes diabetes worse.  Metformin is a synthetic analogue of a plant called Gallega officinalis or Goat’s Rue which is the common name.  When used as a plant it does not inhibit B12 absorption.   (Please note use of this and any other plant for medical purposes should only be done under the professional guidance of a Medical Herbalist)

Next? Start walking. Forty five minutes a day of brisk exercise. Get off the subway or bus stops earlier and walk the rest of the way home.  Alternatively get to a gym and use a machine.

Starting reducing the amount of foods you eat such as soda pop, muffins, pizza’s, pasta bread all those stodgy carbs and increase your fresh vegetable intake.  You would be amazed at the impact it can have on circulating blood plasma glucose levels.

Finally seek the help of someone like me, a professional medical herbalist, who has an interest in helping their patients reverse disease through plant medication, appropriate diet and exercise.