48 Year Old Male

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48-year-old male; married; one child: After a years-long struggle with colitis, pruritis, iritis and ever-rising PSA levels, the “wake-up call” came when the urologist said the word “cancer”. Even though the biopsies had come back negative, the most prudent course of action, according to medical science, seemed to be prostatectomy.

By this time, I had been working with this patient for several months. He was the top salesman at his company, with a father in care, a small child and a wife suffering from diabetes and leukemia. Needless to say, the pressures were enormous.

His diet was focused on fast food and carbs. He took no exercise. His sleep was poor. He suffered chest pains when he exerted himself physically. When he came to me originally, it was to help him with his colitis.

We worked for several months, honing tinctures and remedies. Unfortunately, his compliance with my recommendations was erratic. This, in spite of the fact that, on resumption of the herbal protocol, he reported no colitis, no pruritis, no reflux, and no lower back or joint pain.

A biopsy was performed which resulted in infection, pain, blood in his urine, constipation, high stress and a flare up of the colitis and iritis. Although the biopsy showed no sign of cancer, the patient’s PSA seemed to indicate that cancer must be present.

I explained to him the issues with the PSA test, and reassured him that cancer was not the only possible cause for this elevation. Although, I also explained that precursor signs were distinctly present. This seemed to get his attention. He was ready to really start working at taking control.

We worked on his sleep protocols and stress reduction techniques – including regular exercise – and we tweaked his tincture and other herbal remedies. He convinced his urologist to give him six months while he pursued, in earnest, these alternatives to surgery.

The results were remarkable. His PSA levels dropped to well within normal range – and he was discharged from his urologist’s care.

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